Ultra Custom Timber Homes

Custom timber homes are a relatively new construction technique that focuses on using only pre-selected, individually cut pieces of wood for the construction of a home. This is not to say, however, that all custom timber home builders and contractors adhere to this policy; nor does every business that offers these services adhere to the same standards. Some custom timber home companies will cut your timbers and then install them together, some may use pre-cut timbers but then install those together. There is no set method to the process, which means that you may receive a less than perfect product, or one that lasts just a short time.

Pre-built custom timber homes often cost less because they are mass-produced in a factory. In addition to cost, however, there is also the issue of quality control, something that many customers don’t think about until they’ve been turned down by a building company. With pre-built houses, the floor plans are selected by designers and approved by building officials. These floor plans are then transported to the site, where the inspector marks and grade the plan, and any required changes are made before construction begins. The only way that you can ensure that the floor plans you receive are in sync with the plans you’ve chosen is by inspecting the floor plans yourself before construction begins. Although you may be able to change them during construction, there is simply no way to make any changes without a permit, which only allows the original contractor to do so.

Most custom timber homes employ exterior shutters as a method of protecting the home from the elements. Many companies use either galvanized or aluminum shutters, which both have excellent advantages. For starters, both of these materials are UV resistant, which will extend the life of the wood itself. Additionally, aluminum shutters are much lighter than galvanized, so they are easier to transport to the construction site. The exterior design is typically done by a carpenter, so most companies have someone on staff who has previous experience with exterior design. Furthermore, most companies use high quality timbers, which give the finished product outstanding durability and visual appeal.

Custom timber frame homes also employ interior doors for both patio and sliding glass entries. Timber frames are typically constructed with internal doors, which are sealed to ensure that water does not get inside and cause rotting and warping. In addition to providing a more secure entry way, internal doors also provide a stylish appearance, since they often match existing home hardware.

Some custom timber frames homes contain additional features, such as gable fronts, which add both curb appeal and architectural functionality to the property. Typically, gable fronts are made using smaller timbers, which help create a custom look. On the other hand, side gables can be created using larger, uniform timbers, which give the house a more traditional look. All these options help create a property that is structurally sound, yet aesthetically pleasing.

Custom timber frames are also constructed according to floor plans, so clients can choose from a variety of floor plans. These floor plans can be chosen to include both single and multi-level units, and can even include multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Many floor plans also feature extra-ordinarily-coloured window and skylights, as well as energy-efficient windows and doors.

Most custom timber home floor plans will feature ultra custom timber homes with open plans. These allow for natural light to stream into the property, giving the interiors a warm and inviting feel. High-efficiency windows and doors are installed on all windows, as well as high-efficiency interior doors. Additionally, high-efficiency doors are used along the edges of the doorways, since these areas are typically less-traffic compared to other sections of the property. For this reason, there is no need to replace existing doors with new ones; in fact, if desired, clients can even choose to incorporate their favourite colour or logo into the interior doors.

Besides the aesthetic design of the property, the floor plan of custom built homes is highly scrutinized before completion. Any large trees that may be cut down to supply the lumber for the building’s foundation will need to be cleared away, and new lawns and shrubs planted to replace any naturally-occurring grasses. The construction site is also surveyed for safety regulations to ensure the area is free of potential dangers, such as power lines and other underground cables. All necessary utilities are installed according to local building codes, and the exterior of the homes are treated to prevent the growth of unwanted moss and fungus.

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